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I was shocked...

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I met up with a few old school friends and we went to our primary school summer fair. anyway, we were having fun, eating sweets, drinking coke, then i saw a girl, about 6, carrying a goldfish in a little plastic bag. i asked her where she got it and she said "over there" and pointed to a stall, with a huge plastic tank of fish, giving them away as prizes for the simpleist game ever! (one of those ones you use the hammar to hit the button and ring the bell. year 2's ((5/6 years olds)) were winning) i saw loads of people carrying fish in bags, none of which had air holes, poor things... :( he was selling tiny little plastic tanks with them, but nobody had bought one. there were loads of kids walking round with them, swinging them as they walked. i was going to get one, and a tank, just to save the poor thing :( i looked, then came back 10 minutes later, and he was packed up. he had given away all the fish. i was so shocked. half those kids prbably didnt have tanks at home. most of them prbably didnt even get home. most of them probably suffocated in the bags. :cry: i was so sad, and i felt so sorry for all those fish :( it ruined my day.. i thought it was now illegal to give away live animals like that anyway :? :(