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Indoor cats have suddenly become outdoor cats

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I've got two cats, both are around 16 year old. They have always been very much indoor cats. A couple of months ago they both had a combination of fleas and bad cases of cat flu! This has now been treated and they're both back to full health. However, they have now both suddenly become very outdoor cats. We live in the countryside so I'm not worried about dangers from people or cars, but I'm curious to work out what's caused this change of behaviour.

They just seem to now prefer lying and sleeping on the grass outside. They don't go far. The spots they've chosen are within 5-10 metres of the house. But up until about a month ago they've also been mostly indoors and tucking up on the bed or a sofa, especially at night. They've also never been a fan of getting wet, but again now like being outdoors no matter what the weather or temperature.

I did read that this can be a symptom of fleas, but the flea treatment has been maintained and I've kept a close eye on their fur to make sure nothing has returned.

Does anyone have any idea what could have prompted this sudden change in behaviour? Or if it's a symptom of something I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.