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Is it any better for cats to eat standing?

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I bought a cat/dog feeding station for my cat at christmas. It is essentiallt two bowls joined together that can be put onto legs which raise it about 15cm off the ground.


are the legs designed solely for dogs? WHen my cat eats out of the bowl now, he stands, but he does not strain or anything. when it is without legs, he eats as I have always seen him - with his belly touching the floor.


Does it matter if the bowls are on legs or not?


If so, i can easily take the legs off. Having it on legs really just makes it easier to clean the kitchen.

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Personally what I would do is

Personally what I would do is put one of the bowls on the floor and one on the feeding station (with water seperate on the floor) and see which one your cat eats from. This way you will be able to gain the preference of your cat. My cats have always eaten standing up but I have had cats eat sitting down. As he stands up anyway he will probablly like the extra legs but I would let him decide x

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Cats eat as they want,

Cats eat as they want, standing, crouching or in any other position.

The great break through in cat eating is to put their food into a bowl, put their water into a bowl and let the cat enjoy it as a routine. No real  scientific problem.

Who the hell cares whether the cat is standing, sitting or crouching, the cat knows best, so stop worrying.

Hell ! When they catch a mouse or bird they could`nt give a toss whether they are standing or doing somersault's, they simply get on with a good meal.

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thank you for replying, i

thank you for replying, i think I may try out the suggestion on putting some ont he floor and some on the feeding station to see which my cat prefers - that is a great idea.


I only wanted to find out if it was any benefit to eating sitting down like all of the cats i have ever mat have, i didn't know if standing up to eat all of the meals may cause any health issues for the cat.

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Haven't tried. But I once

Haven't tried. But I once flew my cat who huge from london to hongkong when the mantovani orchestra had a tour there.