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kill it , cook , it , eat it - what did you think about it ?

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did any one see kill it cook it eat it yesterday (monday ) ?
the program was about eating young piglets - only 12 weeks !!! to eat !
i have no problem with the cruelty aspect as if the animal is going to be eaten it dosent matter to me the age as long as it has had a good life - out doof reared with mum !! and humanely killed - how ever i do disagree with it purely on a environmentle side - it feels to me like its a waste of potential food - one small piglet will feed about 8 people where as a grown pig of about 7 months will feed 80 people !!!
the program didnt go in to the cost, care , fuel etc of caring for one pig over 10 to feed the same amount of people which i thought was wrong of them - what did you all think ?
love coliel
ps lets try to not get this one locked - hey !!!!!!!!
happy new year !!!!