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Kiras 1st ever dog show :)

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Well yesterday was the day of Kira's 1st ever dog show, we had a great day, met up with some other husky owners I know from another forum 8)

There was a trainer there who talked absolute ********, she got loads of dogs in the ring and was doing a lil training talk, me n Rob were in there with Kira and Nooks and we were just laughing together at the bullsh*t she was spewing lol. She had a woman whos dog was a puller, so she stuck a halti on it, then claimed that the dog was trying to put her in her place when it bumped her leg... err no love, its trying to get that bloody halti off!! lol :rofl:

Then she wanted another pully dog so turned around and went 'You...' and came over to me! I was like... im perfectly happy with my dogs lead manners thanks :D , but she insisted because she'd seen Kira pull me towards other dogs and sniffing the grass. She said she was being disrespectful and dominating me... I say its because the only time she really goes on grass is at the dog park, were shes allowed to run and play with other dogs! ;) lol She took Kira off me to show me how it was done n I SOOO wanted to go 'Kira... HIKE!' LMFAO! I just kept looking at Rob n Naomi (other husky owners) n laughing :lol:

Well she didnt win anything, but she got 3 rosettes (shes lost one already), 2 are sorta 'well done for entering' ones, and one is a nice green 4th place one, which she got in the young handler class, a young lad called Greg took a shine to her, and I let him enter with Kira. He had to walk her round the ring a few times and get her to sit in front of the judge, he did really well bless him, especially as he was scared of dogs before today! 8)

Anyway, enough rambling, here's ya pics :yipi:


Meeting Tikanni and Steve

Kira and Tikanni

Showing off her Rosettes

My helper and her young handler, Greg

We got loads of free Fish4dogs dental things, and some Fish4dogs little stars treats, in her classes she won some wainwrights treats and some pedigree rodeos :gr8: