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The knowledges of bicycle wheels

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Tyre from the width to roughness alternative is a lot of more phyletic, each manufacturer price is endless also and same.Today i only tell us about tyre  http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-60mm-3k-glossy-mixed-color-spokes.html and purposes


General highway from width is divided into 23 c, 25 c, 20 c several models. And how much this C, usually used for highway http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-88mm-white-hubs-white-spokes-3k-matt.html. I ride a and c has run 1000 kilometers, like a little feel no. Later in 25 c, approximately is 1000 km, almost no change front, rear wheel grinding a little bit. I am in the days to shandong, very bad way, no problem. 23 c and 25 c sent 60-70 g riding feel change is not big, resistance machine on nothing to distinguish

 The character of the tyres


General in the description of the character of the http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-60mm-black-hubs-red-spokes-ud-matt.html, are roughly divided into several direction: rolling resistance, grip, road feeling, abrasion resistance, explosion-proof, weight, price. In addition, there are two characteristic is often by oversight but very important: power transmission and manufacturing quality. If you want to use "nouns explain" to explain these vocabulary words, you may


Mountain bike itself pay attention to safety and grasp to sex. A deep tread of tyre basically can meet the emergency brake, rock jump ride demand. Mountain http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/front-3-spoke-wheel-rear-carbon-wheel-clincher-88mm.html  wide ranged from 1.5 to 2.3. Riding resistance is also with the tire width increase and increasing. But the real game, tread choice learning from rainy day to sand pavement each are not identical, here we don't want to think more, simply choose wide deep shoe that can.

Wear resistance


Bicycle tire http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-88mm-white-hubs-black-spokes-ud-matt.html generally be expensive, with unit rubber required amount consisting of words, than a car tires don't know how many times your. So you will certainly hope so expensive things can last longer, this is the tire "wear" the responsibility. The better wear resistance, can use the longer the mileage.


Lightweight http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/front-3-spoke-wheel-rear-carbon-rim-clincher-88mm.html  exactly is what the province down? First of all fetal skin must be very thin, so wear resistance can't be too good, maybe with a 12000 km will see bottom. Secondly, save explosion-proof layer at least can light 20 grams, and make way for feeling much better, but the fetal skin thin plus no explosion protection layer, represents the you ride to half parked a fair chance of changing the tire. In the money to buy lightweight http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-60mm-black-hubs-red-spokes-3k-glossy.html , first make it clear that it provides what kind of explosion-proof measures, whether in line with their own riding environment. Don't let the fetal detract from the cycling of fun, also causes the loss of money.

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There are different types of

There are different types of bicycle wheels, as it consists of the tire and the inner tube. Both should be of good quality and there are different types of thickness for different types of cycles such as sports cycle have their other kind of quality and shapes. Sliding Screen Doors Alamo