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Light weight carbon wheels

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Carbon fiber rims and heat don’t make a happy family. Hard braking is known to tear them up. Made of a [url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-tubular-38mm.html] Super Light Carbon Wheels[/url] carbon fiber and resin combo, the heat generated from the friction of the brake pad against the sidewall can warm things up enough that the resin may soften too much from the heat, letting the sidewall deform and lead to possible blowouts or reduced braking [url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-tubular-88mm.html] Super Light Wheels[/url] performance.

Lightweight claims that this problem is eliminated in their Meilenstein C (translation: Milestone C) wheels. Partnered with aeronautic companies, [url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-clincher-50mm.html] Carbon Wheels From China[/url] has access to a few carbon fiber materials generally unknown to the cycling industry. Using a step by step fabrication process, they have created a new wheel to sustain shape at temperatures much higher than standard braking will [url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-clincher-38mm.html] Light Weight Wheels[/url] emit.

How do they do this?

From their materials: “By using such [url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-clincher-60mm.html] Light Racing Wheels[/url] exclusive and unknown carbon fibre materials – at least for the rest of the bike business – we are able to create the rim layup even more clincher specific than ever before. The new materials also changed the whole wheel building process dramatically. By using totally new technologies we at light weight reach an even higher control level of every second of the heating process. Thanks to this we are able to insert very specific temperatures to the different parts of the wheel at super exactly calculated time periods during the whole wheel building manufacturing (process).”


[url=http://www.yoeleo.com/700c-50mm-carbon-tubular-rims-23mm-width.html] 23mm Width Rims[/url]

[url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-tubular-50mm.html] China Carbon Wheels[/url]

[url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-tubular-60mm.html] Cycling Carbon Wheels[/url]

[url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-clincher-20mm.html] Bike Wheels On Sale[/url]

[url=http://www.yoeleo.com/yoeleo-super-light-carbon-wheels-clincher-88mm.html] Light Clincher Wheels[/url]

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The first type of pain a cyclist can feel in their[url=http://www.shop-yishunbike.com/wheels/track-wheelset]track wheels[/url] hands is caused from riding in the "drops" of the road bicycle handlebars. This compression injury is caused by weight being distributed to the outside of the hand, thus affecting those nerve areas.The position of the hands and wrist near the brakes and shifters is the problem. The cyclist's wrist is usually bent slightly and the weight falls nearly exclusively on the outside surface of the hands. This affects the nerves in the ring and little finger.
Most people associate [url=http://www.shop-yishunbike.com/wheels/track-wheelset]carbon track wheel[/url]carpal tunnel ysbike01 syndrome with repetition injuries from keyboard use, but it can also be a cyclist's injury too. This injury occurs from downward pressure on the median nerve and affects the middle and [url=http://www.shop-yishunbike.com/wheels]carbon bike wheelset[/url]index fingers as well as the thumb. This injury comes from the cyclists putting too much downward pressure on top of the carbon handlebars.So how do you avoid these injuries if both places cyclists place their hands while riding can cause compression hand injuries? The first place to start is, unfortunately, some time off the bicycle and some aspirin or ibuprofen. The next place to look for a fix is in the fit of your bicycle. Change your sitting position on the bicycle to a more upright position to take pressure off your hands. This can be accomplished most easily by raising your handlebars and carbon road bike stem higher in relation to the head tube. Changing the length of the stem to a shorter length might be a solution because you would be less stretched out over the top tube.Most cyclists ride with gloves that are designed for road riding. If you look at the diagram with this section, you can see the areas of padding are placed in the areas where cycling palsy and carpal tunnel compression injuries occur. They are a critical component to an overall solution [url=http://www.shop-yishunbike.com]yishun bike shop[/url]to keep your hands in good shape for riding.

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