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Lucy our beloved sweetLurcher

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Our sweet lovely Lurcher,Lucy passed away on Tuesday 10th May 2011. Our family are heartbroken after losing Lucy suddenly on Tuesday afternoon,Lucy has been a huge part of our life for over fourteen years having adoptingd her from Wood Green Shelters when she was just 13 months old. She was an amazing dog kind sweet natured and loved everyone human and her animal family. she was brilliant with all the animals we have had over the years including our 9 cats , she was always well behaved but had a cheekiness about her, she had 2 cruciate ligament repair when she was younger but led an active life in middle age she had a heart murmur and later in life arthritis and stomach ulcer she was a grand old lady at 15 years 3 months old when she passed away. On Tuesday i asked her if she wanted toi go out for a wee but she was unable to get up my son lifted her off the sofa but she could not support her weight , i phoned the vet and she was put to sleep in the back of the car in my sons arms, the vet did this to save her further stress, this all happened witin 40 minutes , i cannot beleive she has gone my heart feels so heavy i am finding it difficult to look at her'places' in the house and feeding the other dogs without her and walking without her, things will never be the same Lucy was so loved and a treasure and a real priviledge to have in our family, we are truly devastated.
dear Lucy has many friends waiting for her over Rainbow Bridge especially Pepsi her beloved best friend who passed away in 2008.

Farewell for now our dearest Lucy we will miss you forever thankyou for the wonderful years love and companionship you have givedn, us and the happy memories , Pepsi, Oscar,Ben,Rosie,Snoopy,Amber,Button,Percy and Molly are waiting for you Love you allways xxxxxxxxx