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Make your own agility equipment

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Now I've never done agility and I'm getting a bit fed up waiting for me to reach the top of the waiting list so I'd thought I'd have a go at making my own.

You'll need pencil, hack saw, tape measure, length of 19mm over flow pipe, 2 right angle bends, 4 t-bends, 1 length of lagging.

Saw the over flow pipe into 2 sections 114cm long, 4 sections 15cm long and 4 sections 8cm long.

Saw the lagging into 2 1m lengths.

Fit the lagging onto the longest poles. Slip the 2 right angle bends onto one pole and 1 set of t junction using the t on the other pole. Fit the 8cm pieces to the other set of t-junction on the longest bit not the t bit.

Fit the 15cm pieces between the t-junction with the 8cm bits and the pole with the t-junctions attached then fit the other 15cm pole on the top hole of that. Slot the 90 degree bends into the top of the uprights.

I have made these jumps for a small dog. You can cut the upright bits any length you like. They are light weight and easy to dismantle for storgae.

Below are pictures and I would like to point out that Liberty, my model, has never jumped a jump in her life until today! It took half an hour to make and cost £19.23 but I do have a length of pole left so could make the jump hight. I got the bits from Travis Perkins so if you go somewhere else size of pipe and cost may well vary.

And there you have a two height practice jump for your garden. I'm going to have a bash at a spread jump and long jump tomorrow!

Becky (who's rather proud of herself)