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molly babies!!!!!!!

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Well a few weeks ago my client purchased 3 mollies for his fish tank,1 black,1 white/silver and 1 marble molly. The other day when i was doing a partial water change i discovered 7 baby mollies :lol: I made a tempory shelter for them so they wouldnt get eaten,then yesterday i bought a porper nursery type net thing. Some of the babies escaped but i managed to get 6 back,and i have seen the elusive 7th baby but i cant catch him to put him in with the others. Any way,i know which one is the male molly (the silver one)as he keeps displaying most of the time,and i think i know which is female molly (black one) as she is forever being chased by the silver one,but the marble one im not so sure just yet. Any advice really on how i can look after the babies until they are big enough to venture out into the rest of the tank again?