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MY BRAVE DEAR MOLLY 2003-0CT 31 2009 R.I.P

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I am absolutely devastated by the unexpected loss of my dear sweet brave cat Molly, only the other week i was posting on how well she was doing.i feel grief sticken and are typing this through my tears.
Molly was born 6 years ago and was a very tiny kitten, and she was blind, i took her on because i feared for her wellbeing  and she came to live with us along with her bother Perry.
% years ago she became desperately ill and was diagnosed with IMHA, Immune mediated haemolytic anemia, an aggressive auto immune disease where her bodys immune system attack its own cells.
She was given less than 30% chance of survival and was sent home to die but if she survived the night she had a slim chance.
Many injections and medication over the next few weeks stabilised her condition, however the illness was incurable and her prognosis was very poor.
But Molly was a fighter and against all the odds survived the illness for 5 years, the only outward sign of her illness was jaundiced noticable on her ears, our vet was amazed as it was unheard of for a cat to survived this long they normally pass away within a year.
Sadly and suddenly, Molly's sweet brother Perry was pts after suffering sudden onset renal/kidney failure on 13th Sept 09 i was adevastating loss as he was otherwise well.
Lasy night about 2.AM i heard her beiong sick on the landing i got out of bed to look, and she had collapsed, i picked her up and she was in a bad way, I think she had suffered a massive stroke . She was lifeless and barely conscious. i laid her on my chest and she passed away at 3.45 Am this morning.

I can't begin to tell you how i feel, i can't believe she has gone, i loved her and her brother so much and i have lost them both.
I haven't been to sleep and i can't stop crying

My son took her body to the vet's this morning for her cremation, and one of the vets was waiting to speak to him, he said what our previous vet had said that it was unheard of for an animal to have survived this long and we should be proud of her.He told us that her body was constntly under attack 24/7 no let up and she was remarkable.

So i would like to pay tribute to my sweet, brave remarkable little fighter Molly, you were a very special girl, who despite the oddslived with IMHA for 5 years, you were always happy and kind just like your brother, we will miss you always and love you forever

Go over Rainbow bridge go find Perry and pepsi run free sweethesrt we love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx