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my cat has changed personality - please help

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hi, i am new and need some advice please!

We have 2 gorgeous ginger kittens from the same litter, both 7 months old called Bailey and Wicket. Bailey has now been missing since December 5th :( and whilst Wicket had gone off his food a bit he was doing ok.

On Sunday night Wicket had been out for about 15mins when there was a massive bang on our garage door and then a car door slammed and drove away. The car sounded like it was right outside our house. We don't know what happened but Wicket then didn't come in for hours even though we were calling him and out looking for him. This is very unusual. He used to only go out for half hour at a time and always close to home.

Since then he has changed personality. He is terrified of us especially my husband. He used to jump up on our laps and tap my face with his paw but he is now acting like we are strangers. In the house he won't venture out of the kitchen and is hardly eating. He was going out and staying out all day.

We were advised by a friend with cats to keep him in until he gets used to us again, so this is what we have been doing. Today he seems even worse and he has been hiding all day in his litter tray!!!!! Feel so sad for him and just want to help him feel secure again.

Please help, what should we do. Thanks

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Bladder problems...

This is a very old thread, but someone in this year of 2013 may read it and feel reassured further , if they are experiencing a similar problem to mrssparrow, after the comment Alysha made, which ties in to the exact same problem and symptoms I have had too with one of my cats recently in which she behaved in the same manner as mrssparrow's cat once did, and my vet confirmed the diagnosis of cystitis.
It was a very long process before my cat got back to being herself however, but next time I shall be me astute! enlightened

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This is helpful information.

This is helpful information. My friend is also going through the same ordeal.