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Hello all

i am new to the forum and desperatley seeking advice

on tuesday night i found a stray Dalmation i took her in and gave her food and water etc but could not keep her overnight so i called the dog warden to collect her.

He came and scanned her which they found a chip but could not get through on the phone to get the address details

Anyway the next day he rang to say that she was registered to an address in Kent, bearing in mind that i live in nottinghamshire
he would not give me further details just told me that she was being moved to the pound for 7 days, we are now on day 3 and still noone has come to collect her, i am worried for the fact that she might not end up with a home and a beautiful dog like that there is no way i will let them put her down.

I rang the council but they wont tell me where she is i really need help to find out what the best way to go about this is?
Does anyone know where dog wardens take strays i do not know any pounds in my area?

thanks all :cry: