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New addition!!!

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Here she is the newest member of the zoo oops meant family :oops: :D

Introducing Nyoka

She is an 11 week old Royal Python and the cousin of our other Royal - Princess.

Nyoka is Swahili for snake and my lad thought it was a unique name.

She will be between 6 and 8 feet when fully grown and about as fat as your forearm atm she is jus under 2 feet. In capivity Royals can live to almost 50 years so definately a long term commitment.

She is eating "hoppers" at the moment - baby mice that have fur; and will gradually progress to full grown rats and rabbits. Some even have half quarter deers 8O

She is shedding at the moment so cant be handled and has gone a bit camera shy and snappy so will post more pics when she hasnt got the equivilant of severe pmt :roll: