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Newly born kittens

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The cat-mother can be very anxious if people come close and try to handle her very young babies. It is appropriate to only handle the kittens when she is around and can participate or keep an eye on what you are doing, especially if the kittens are under two weeks old. In this way she would not have to be stressed all the time that you are all over her kittens. Even better, do not pick up and handle kittens that still have their eyes closed. You can however gently pet them with a finger, while watching the reactions of the cat-mother. If you feel or notice she becomes anxious, it is best to back off. Cats are excellent mothers and they will do whatever necessary to keep their babies safe, so expect the unexpected if you cross the line.

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Missing kittens...

It has been a while since I did not have kittens. I really miss the experience. They can be so much fun! The first 2-3 weeks of life is delicate and critical, but after that the fun begins. I cannot think of anything better I would do than watching them play! Time is short, they grow up fast and you cannot really tell when they changed from kittens into cats! 

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this me cat nancy and her 3 litter off kittens she had 8

hope you like me cat nancy shes a russain blue cross her kittens are russian blue cross bengal cross

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I love Russian Blues! Do

I love Russian Blues! Do share some pics please!

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Kittens at home

I've always had non breed cats. Cat-mother has always been nice to me when I go near kittens. First few weeks she would be hiding in wardrobe or in some other warm place. Then she is allowing kittens to come out. It's very nice experience. Love cats. :)