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No class rosettes at Open shows????

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I exhibit at Championship and Open shows in the UK but mainly in the Irish Republic. I have noticed that certain Open shows are now only giving cards for places at their Open shows, rather than rosettes. (and often, not even ones worth keeping). One gives rosettes for class placings, but a card for BOB.
Considering the beautiful rosettes offered at some of the Opens - I can't understand why this is not the case for other shows when the entry fees are almost identical. For many, the Open show is all that they do and perhaps a second place rosette is something that is valued and pinned up once back home.
There seems to be another trend of running Opens like Champ shows too - no "fun" classes, so you can only enter one unless you have a dog that can go into Stakes - it's hardly worth writing a cheque for €7! (£4)

I would personally rather pay a higher entry fee and take the chance of winning a nice rosette - and making a day of it by having some variety classes to go in to - than waiting around for hours and getting a small card, then going home.

Has anyone noticed this in Britain yet? What do you think?