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An old member back again

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Joined: 07.01.2006

Wow, what a difference, so much better.

I left for a little while as there was so much Spam and I couldn't keep up, but Elaine has done an amazing job and the forum looks brilliant.

SO who am I, well I was one of the original Mods on here way back when Petchat first started, I have 4 dogs and 1 cat.

Sadly 2 of my cats died in May of Brain related disease and we were devestated although they were good ages 17+.

I have a Black Lab, Jack who is 10yrs old, a Utonagan called Maia who is 12 yrs old, a Scruffy mix called Molly who is about 3 yrs old and our newest family member Lillith who is a 12 week old Black Lab pup.