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Ooops! Fame but not as I want it!

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Deccy was runner up in the Group last week and two professional photographers took our pic with the judge and the winner. As both have websites, I have been looking for the pic on the internet but nothing yet.
It seems that one of the photographers was from a certain dog paper so the pic may well appear in that, for the entire world to see me looking like a fat bag lady and Deccy will probably be standing all wrong as he does at critical moments 8O
Not everyone is on the internet so I thought I may be spared the embarrassment of being on show to the whole world .... but apparently not 8O :oops:
My landlord wants a copy of the dog paper but he just loves Deccy 8)
Why can't I have moments of fame when I am (a) at least 5 stone lighter (b) smiling and (c) have combed my hair :(