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our new pet spikey the bearded dragon

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Well girls we have a new pet actually its at my OH flat and is a pet for the kids we fetched him last night and have spent all day today fetching things for him from hollybush ie: thermostat sand rocks and crickets yuck 8O got back to the flat and gave him a good clean out then came the task of feeding time lol my Oh refused to do it and my daughter was horrified so guess who got the task yes me :cry: as told by the reptile woman i added a pinch of calcium powder into a bag and then shoved the plastic container with about 50 jumping crickets opened it whilst trying to make sure only 4 were actually in the bag and then closed the lid where i squashed 2 :rofl: then shook them all up to coat them in the powder then we threw them into the tank.

Quite fascinating to watch him run across the tank to grab them with his tongue and chomp em all up 2 of them did try and play dead but as soon as spikey saw there legs move they were dinner too.

I'm off to help feed him again tomorrow as we have a friend who has one and they are going to show us an easier way to feed him so i'll get the camera out and take some pics for you.

Anne in an earlier thread you mentioned a friend who owns them could you ask her to join so i can ask her a few questions or if its easier i'll pm you so you can ask her for me please. :wink: