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PEPSI R.I.P 1997-2008

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Today my beloved Pepsi finally lost her battle with her dreadful autoimmune illness,Pepsi was diagnosed with this illness 2 months ago, for anyone who has not read her thread on pet chat,on 19th sept pepsi went of her food & following day we found blood all over the floor, went straight to the vets, & they diagnosed auto immune illness the own immune system was attacking her platelets in the blood, platelets help blood to clot, because of this pepsi was bleeding both internally & out of her nose, she was kept in the vet hospital & bombarded with chemo drugs that boost platelet count in an attempt to get this disorder under control, she was put on high doses of corticosteroids & immune suppressant drugs which dampen down her immune system, so that her platelets will not be destroyed, but because of this she was open to infection, she was doing quite well, but did get infections which she could not fight off despite being on antibiotics, also her abdomen started to fill up with fluid, she had some fluid on her lungs,she also developed a corneal ulcer on her eye,she had also lost a lot of weight, which was not linked to the autoimmune disease, some cancers can cause autoimmune disease ,& her vet thinks that may be the underlying cause, but she could not be operated on because of her condition, this illness came out of nowhere, & claimed my lovely Pepsi,the vet was astounded by her sprirt, she fought it all the way & did not want to leave us, she was allways cheerful throughout her life and her tail stll.wagged right until the end. she had a hard start in life as a result of interbreeding she was unwanted, we had her from 5 weeks old, despit having thin bones & no proper knee sockets she led a full & active life & was allways the first to get to the door for her walks, it has been a priviledge to have had her for our pet, i am devastated at her loss,and she will leave a big gap in our lives.
i was hoping that she would pass away in her sleep, but she was determined to hang on as long as she could , we did not want her to suffer, she kept her dignity to the end, having said that, i am also racked with guilt as when we were in the vets i could see she wanted to get to the door, and she would nt take her beautiful eyes of me, she slipped away quite peacefully in my arms, i don't know how i will cope without her, & would like to pay tribute to her wonderful nature, kind loving, allways happy & courageous, throughout her life & illness...I will never forget her or stop loving her . bless you my dear pepsi i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx