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A perfect Application for YOU and your PETS

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Hi All,


This post is to brief you about the best in market application for your PETS and you.


Our company has developed a very interesting application about the PETS and their OWNERS.


The concept which connects Pet owners with each other and it also help to create a strong neighborhood. Pet owners are able to create their own profile as well as their pet’s profile on our PettBooks. Pet owners are also able to create multiple profiles for their more than one pet.


PettBooks is a Social Networking service for Pet Owners where they can post pictures of their pets, exchange knowledge and information with other pet owners. By using PettBooks, pet owners can stay connected with Veterinarians and animal lovers. Pet Product developers can use this PettBooks platform as their marketing tool also, where they can promote their product for Pets which can be directly bought by Pet Owners using PettBooks. In short, PettBooks can act as Shopping Cart for Pet Owners and as Marketing Tool for Pet Product Producers/Suppliers/Retailers.


PettBooks is a platform where Pet Owners can associate with other Pet Owners and share their views, ideas, discuss different related topics and get special advises from experts to make their pet’s life more stirring.


We have a demo APK ready with us and we will be very happy to take up a call and show you the App or answer your queries regarding the applicationand about various options for you to own this application and earn lot of business through it.


Kindly send in your contact details and responses and interests and we can arrange a call to give you an in depth idea about this marvelous application.


Thank you and Regards,

Aakash Parikh