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We have lost out sweet little man PERRY our lovely ginger cat suddenly to CRF chronic renal failure.
We never thought we would lose our liuttle man so suddenly to an awful illness.
Having recently moved house, Perry had settled in really well he was such a laid back cat and nothing ever bothered him not even the vets!
He enjoyed just lazing about in the new garden, in August he was sick a few times eating a lot of grass, we took him to the vets,thought it was hairballs as he was semi long haired and did grt them from time to time , but he started to lose weight rapidly and at the beginning of Sept we took him back to the vets, he stayed in for blood tests, following day the results were back and the news was not good, he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, and was in a poor way , CRF is normally found in elderly cats and not in cats of his age he was just 6 years old.the toxin levels in his kidneys were extremely high and so was his blood pressure, he was put on a drip to flush out the toxins in his kidneys and wasgiven various medications to try to help him. after 4 days we took him home as he could not stay on a drip indefinately, but with CRF by the time diagnosis is confirmed with this condition 75% of kidney function is lost so the prognosis is quite poor.the following dayPerry was sleeping for quite a while but when he got up he was wobbly and was in a bad way we took him straight to the vets, while carrying him to the car he had a massive haemorrage in his eye due to the high blood pressure. he was blind there was nothing more that could be done and we ended his suffering and had him put to sleep. our beautiful kind old softie, hadlost his brief battle with an awful illness. to be honest i am still reeling from the shock, he was a big strapping boy and this illness took him from us in around 6 weeks its so unfair.

Perry leaves behind his sister Molly who has a terminal illness INHA immune mediated haemolytic aenemia her own immune system is attacking her red blood cells and destroying them, she was diagnosed at 1 year old and given 24 hours to live that was five years ago and she is still here she takes corticosteriods to suppress her immune system, she is doing very well and has amazed our previous vet and the new one as prognosis and outlook is very poor for this condition, she is also blind. Molly and Perry were soulmates and she sits waiting for hom bless her.

The vets thinks that there respective illnesses may be genetic if not they came from a very unlucky line.
I can't believe Perry has gone ,he truly was the sweetest and gentle soul,and a pleasure to have had as part of our family,i wish i could have saved him. i still cry when i think of him. we should have had him longer.

I love you sweet ginger man and miss you terribly Rest in peace PERRY go. find Pepsi at Rainbow Bridge xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Perry(july 03- 13 sept09)