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Cat Information:
Name: MISTY Sex: Neutered female Breed:Domestic shorthaired Color:dark Tabby with white paws front to like socks and white underbelly from tail to nose Age:4 years
Markings/ Distinguishing Characteristics:
White paws and front paws looks like she is wearing socks white underbelly going from tail to tip of nose.

Contact Information:
Name:Louisa Allen Phone: 07742860060 07908490931 05602470521

Address:Woodhall farm juniper green E-Mail:

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Last Seen Location Outside our cottage on wood hall farm Thurs 19 July at 2 am

Please help. Our cat escaped the early hours of Thursday morning we have searched all over for her. She is a house cat and has only been out the back garden for an hour a couple of times. She is very shy and can be weary of people. She is wearing a navy blue collar with diamantes. She is very boyish looking. I am getting very worried as I have searched the whole farm area both day and night, she is not used to being outside this is why am very worried and she has a little sister and they have never been parted at all. And her little sister has been crying at door and window and has stopped eating her food so this is worrying.
I love my cat very much and have only been parted from her on 3 occasions and it breaking my heart so if anyone who lives near seen anything please let us know
thank you so very much. Anyone in the gorgie area as well as only moved from wardlaw street 5mths ago and although never been out I am told still possible to try and get to old home