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I hope everyone can help me help this special dog (a friends dog).....(the following if off Willows Blog )
Hi I'm Willow a 4 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi
I was born Sept 11 2008.
I Live with my doggy Parents Robbie & Jess and my Granny Deli plus a few other doggie friends
My owners say I'm a very clever little dog who picks things up very quickly, but always up for a good play.
I loves to talk but my favourite pass time is to play in my pool, I am water mad .When I was born I was very small I
was the only girl weighing about 4oz unlike my chunky brothers 8oz, My Best friend and owner sat up with me for days bottle
feeding and making sure I made it and I did yeah .
When I was 4 months old my best friend & Owner Lottie got sick and had to start under going many major surgeries and though
it all I lay all day & night right by her side
Sadly during one of the surgeries she lost her hearing fully on one side so she cant hear the phone , door , or cars etc.
Lottie was worried how she would cope and her confidence hit a all time low , But I took it upon myself to help so
I tell her when the phone rings, if someone is at the door and when we are out if a car comes I nudge her leg.(I've never been trained to do this ) The bond the Two of us have is very special and unbreakable.
Sadly Xmas 2012 my Owners husband suffered 3 heart attacks 2 days before xmas and had to under going surgery he is now waiting for a bypass this was A bad time for my best friend and I help her though it my being right there in my favourite spot her lap
Mummy has entered me in a cool competition If you would be happy to drop me a vote I would be very grateful

(copy the link below and paste in your internet tab and hit enter to open the page

I have tried to upload photos of Willow looking after her owner but I seem to be having problem :-(