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Private Fireworks in the uK

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If your pets, like mine, are absolutely petrified during fireworks, which can be any day during the year and you would like to fight back there is an epetition that can be signed to ban private fireworks in the UK.

The government has promised they will debate any epetitions with a certain number of signatures, here is the link to sign it:


Thank you

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I don't mind them too much

I don't mind them too much but not at 11pm at night, it keeps me up wtih all the dogs barking. So, I think that maybe they should be controlled better and a fine is given if set off after a time.

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I have had dogs that were

I have had dogs that were scared to death of fireworks with the bangers and rockets going off, but I have also had  dogs that ignore them unless they were very near, then they just barked.

My Rottie now, barks at them in the house and garden, but ignores them when out walking.

Restrictions ? Hell NO ! If we have any more restrictions in this crap hole of a country we will have to get a permit to breath, heavily taxed of course. We have already lost all our heritage and ancient British traditions, are we now seeking to lose Guy Fawkes night which goes back to the 1500`s ? I hope not.

When you consider that Guy Fawkes night - November 5th - is already nearly dead due to fireworks being so expensive that people cannot afford to buy them and Christmas is a mere shadow of what it used to be, I am so fortunate to have  seen these events when they were in their prime. Something the modern generation will never experience. Their loss, not mine.

The animals will just have to put up with it and we must of course give them as much care and consideration that we can during the period. Don`t take them for walkies in the middle of the battle, just a quicky in the garden or a VERY short walk to do what they have to, then keep them indoors.

We all have things we do not like, I am not too partial to kids who set wheelie bins alight, smash bottles where dogs walk or spray buildings with graffiti.

We are today far too concerned over things that other people do which do not agree with our own personal tastes. It has become a BAN society in favour of the minorities whims and fancies, never in favour of the majority and as far as I am concerned - STUFF the lot of it !

VIVE LA FRANCE ! But don`t go there to avoid fireworks, they have their Bastille Day and you can bet it is a bigger shower of sparks than our Guy Fawkes night ever was. The French do everything in great style.

Sacrebleu. Ze Eengleesh du nert like ze bengeurs.