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R.I.P Rumpy

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sadly i had to have my chinchilla PTS last week, her along woth her brother and sister ( both of which have also passed away a while ago) came from very poor genetics which sadly meant that they all suffered from mollocusion ( probably spelt that wrong) when stumpy was diagnosed with it a few years ago we spent nearly a year at the vets backwards and forwards having her teeth filed back, numerous operation to have problematic teeth pulled etc and even with all this her teeth grew within weeks to the extent that they were curling round and pushing into the skin, she eventualy was PTS. Archie her brother went down hill very quickly though, he was fine one week and then the next he was struggling to eat and was struggling to even more sadly he died before we could even get himt o the vets.

However rumpy has been showing symptoms for a while and after taking her to the vets we were told that her condition wasnt as bad, i on the other hand was very tempted to have her PTS after seeing the affects it had on the other 2 but gave her a chance and she had her teeth filed and had managed to cope fine for months until last week. I noticed that she was losing weight and she was nowhere near as lively as she usualy is. I then decided that it was time to let her go, if she had of had her teeth filed again then i feel this would of just prolonged her suffering. She along with the other 2 is sadly missed.

R.I.P Rumpy my little angel x