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Rock Sulphur for bad skin?

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One of my dog bowls has a lump of rock sulphur in it, as Deccy was going through a patch of having a bad coat - the dreaded dally rash, making his coat and skin look sore and red. I saw the stuff in Jolleys on one of my expeditions over the border but nowhere on the pack does it say what it is for :? just what to do with it 8O . I dragged a remote memory from first year Chemistry degree which told me that it may help "cool the blood".
Anyway, it's in one bowl not the other, how a dog that drinks from dung infested puddles without a second thought can eschew a bowl of the clean variey with a small yellow lump in it is beyond me, but nevertheless, the boys will drain the other bowl in preference.
I've got more crafty ... Deccy has been taking the sulphur-ed water - and guess what, his coat has cleared nicely! 8)

Does anyone actually know what rock sulphur does?????

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I second the vet vitiams... i

I second the vet vitiams... i use them daily.