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Run free!

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Run free at the bridge Toots!

Cars aren't giant mice that you can chase I told you that loads but you never listened did you; how can I tell people you lost your 9th life to a mouse - your bruv will never live it down!

Your lil bro has taken on your spirit you would be so so proud of him now. He bosses the kittens (ok so one is bigger than him) but he really does look after your babies for you.

I really hope its not you but you; but you've not been home and there were parts of you that were unique .... the ones you insisted on washing in my face in my bed!!!!

I love you more than words can ever say, but you know that.

Give Paddy, Tom, Titch and especially Mongey huge hugs from me.

Can still see your arse trying to get in the video slot in the chimney and still laugh about it!

Night big boy; your babies are well looked after enjoy the Rainbow.

"Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge" wait for me - only the good die young - and yes you were good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx