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Separation anxiety? Channel 4 wants to hear from you!!

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Does your dog hate to be left alone? Do you think your dog might have separation anxiety or separation related behaviour? If so we would love to hear from you! 

We are working with the University of Bristol to make a documentary for channel 4 about how dogs behave when they are left home alone -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V9627O50rA&feature=youtu.be

As part of this, we are looking for dogs with separation related behaviours who hate to be home alone. Working with the University of Bristol behaviour team, we would help these dogs overcome their separation related behaviour and follow their progress in the documentary. 

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, or you would like more information - please send me an email - sarah.barker@arrowmedia.com 

Thanks so much!