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Skin Tags in dogs

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My Rottie Kaiser is 6 years old. We adopted him from a very good Rescue Kennels in September 2010. He is a beautiful dog and extremely affectionate, but at the same time extremely protective of his home, my wife and myself.

He has a skin tag on his front chest just about in between the front legs, we think he has had it since a puppy. It is about1.1/2 inches long and looks like a small balloon. Two vets had passed him as OK with this before we had him, saying it was no problem, no threat and to just keep an eye on it.

My own vet said the same in September 2010 when we had him checked over.
They will not take it off unless trouble occurs or if he has to be anaesthetised for some other reason. Called it cosmetic.

Although all this checking comes up clean, it looks awful dangling down, but we have to live with it.

Have any other members had experience with this kind of Skin Tag ?
I have asked other Forum`s with no real joy, but it is worrying and the more comments, the better.

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Ok this is only my experience

Ok this is only my experience of skin tags but I personally would get it removed just incase it becomes infected in the future, it also sounds a large size at half an inch. I've had a few of them myself, I just use something really sharp (not nail clippers, like expensive cuticle scissors) and cut them off. Some lady at the office said her doctor told her it was perfectly OK to do that. I am not sure the same for dogs but cannot see why not. They sting briefly, and since the narrow part is well-vascularized, they tend to bleed for a couple of minutes, but it all stops in a minute. It never hurt.

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So you are saying you chop

So you are saying you chop off your own skin tags (OMG) does it not hurt.

I don't think that you should attempt that on your dog John, it may result in a trip to the vets.



We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant

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Admin, you can be my nurse

Admin, you can be my nurse any day, I salute you. Here is my complimentary verdict on this radical proposal to carry out amateur butchery on my poor Kaiser :-

To contemplate chopping off skin tags or any other unwanted part of one`s anatomy with a carving knife, hammer and chisel or a pair of pliers sounds like Dr.Frankenstein gone mad.

I dread to think of that blood spurting all over the place and the infection risk. UUURGH ! I still get nightmares about Psycho. Coupled with Ed Gein, it makes a real blockbusting horror story.

Anyway, if you go near a Rottie with a pair of scissors or knife etc. it`ll be you that needs rushing to Intensive Care - if you ever make it.

It would be a safer bet to attempt this proposed mutilation on the nose of a Great White.



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I had a skin tag once which I

I had a skin tag once which I removed with a pair of clippers but this was tiny, one that is half an inch on a rottie is a no go I am afraid. Skin tag is just that, a piece of skin that is harden and sticks out.  It isn't a tumor, so it is non-malignant.  You can have them removed by having them freezed off or if he ever haves to go into surgery, have them snip it off then.  When it gets bigger, it is normally getting irritated by the dog (scratching or chewing at it).  If the dog keeps irritating it, you might want to get it removed so that he doesn't get it infected.  Hope this helps.

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Gross chopping off your own

Gross chopping off your own skin tags...

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Photo looks quite big, I

Photo looks quite big, I would get it removed just incase.

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skin tag on rottie

I found the little tag on my 6 year old rottie has really grown and they/ve multiplied so googled and suprised that of the first chat posts I find is about  another 6 yr old rottie with skin tags. My rottie was also resuced about 18 months ago as old owner had surgery and couldnt keep her.  She has become more teritorial about other dogs and has also started lickeing alot around her tail stump, - not her bottom. Is this a rottie thing i wonder? She used to be a gentle loving sole to all dogswhen i got her, she is looked after well and well loved and very loving in return, even to my 3 cats,  but has now become somewhat territotrial and a bit agggressive to other dogs, does anyone have any suggestions why.