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Spinal Injury and nerve damage

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Hi all,
In October of last year my ginger tom was involved in a car accident.
Luckily he was found and taken to the RSPCA, he is chipped so they called me and we managed to get him to the vets in time.
He suffered a broken spine, for the first three weeks he had cage rest, then he was given an operation to widen the area in the spine where his nerves run through... as there was a build up of pressure.
He is doing much better now, walking (in a fashion) and we are looking after him at home, however, he is unable to urinate by himself. He was catheterised whilst at the vets, but we realised if we tickle the back of his legs it stimulates him to wee, so we having to do this 3/4 times a day to help him empty his bladder.
Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation? We are unsure if there is anything else we can do to encourage him to wee by himself (we aren't even sure if he can)
The vets think there is no neurological reason that he can't, but sometimes his bladder gets so big we think surely he would go by himself if he could. He also has no sensation in his back toes at the moment, so I wonder if this is why he won't stand in the litter box?
Any advise greatly appreciated!