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Spoilt 12 week kitten...won't eat anything but dry!!!

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Hey all,

I adopted a kitten at 9 weeks from a shelter....he came with the flu...and after about 5 days developed diarrhea and was taken to the vet and given fluids and antibiotics...hes's all well and rambunctious now. When we brought him home...he was having purina whitefish three times daily (a 3oz can) and free feeding dry food. I tired to feed him friskies which he refused...and went back to the purina which he refused as well...I did sum research about the good cat food brands and how dry foods can cause renal stones. So i decided to try some other brands...I tried natural balance...tiki cat....trader joes...buju and ziggy (wegmans)....sardines he refused all....he refuses milk...cat milk....i can sometimes get him to nibble on chicken or tuna...but in general the only thing he wants is the dry food. Occasionally i'll syringe some wet food into his mouth. I tried grinding the dry and sprinkling it....i even tired making little wet food balls and coating it witht he dry....nothing....he's such a stubborn cat. At most i can put some dry food on the wet and lightly mix...but when the dry food is done so is he. He's now 12 weeks....so my questions are:

Should i just left him feed dry until he's older and can deal with refusing meals. Cuz i'm trying to give him a feeding schedule 12 hrs apart and he's always crying for food....he's just a baby so i'm worried hes not going to get proper nutrition to grow. And....

How on earth do i get him to eat wet food?

Thank you