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Sportsmanship .... or not

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If you show in a breed for a while, you meet newcomers who hang around for a few months or a year or two then disappear as they haven't made their dog up. :?
I sold a puppy to a woman in Kent who wanted to show him. I told her he was a late developer and she put a lot of work into him. She kept coming last at Champ shows but gradually crept up in Open and Companion dog shows, getting RBIS at one and an increasing collection of rosettes. The dog is now 3, and on Sunday got a stunning result to qualify for Crufts (see thread - "Polo's son...."). She was surprised that she got a round of applause, as she had become used to being "one in the crowd" but one of the well respected exhibitors said it was because she always took her bad results with dignity.
At a recent Open show here in Ireland, there was a newcomer with a puppy. He went BOB over the Open winner (which is a multiple Group winner) but wasn't placed in the Group which was a strong one. The owner was nearly in tears, her reasoning being, if her puppy had beaten the top winning dog in the breed then logically, she should have won the group. The owner of the beaten dog refrained from pointing out that (a) you don't normally win Groups with an 8 month old puppy of a large-ish breed and (b) there was no disappointment shown at being beaten by a puppy, just good wishes.
There are some lessons in sportsmanship here...... but some people learn the hard way. :wink: