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Staffie is top dog

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The staffordshire Bull terrier is the country's favourite breed, according to a new survey by the PDSA. More than 118,000 dog owners in the UK were questioned by the charity and the best of breeds census shows the staffie as the top dog in 2005.

The PDSAcensus is the first in an annual series by the charity aimed at tracking changing trends in dog ownership in the UK and the influences that affect a breed's popularity. PDSA spokeswoman Liza Randall said The PDSA Best of breeds census shows how there truly is a dog to suit everyone, with breeds of all shapes and sizes making it into the top 10.

PDSA Best of Breeds Uk

1. Stafordshire Bull Terrier.
2. Yorkshire Terrier.
3. German Shepherd Dog.
4. Jack Russell terrier (new entry).
5. Rottweiler.
6. Border Collier.(new entry)
7. Labrador.
8. Boxer.
9. West Highland White Terrier.
10. Shih Tzu (new entry).