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Student blew £19,000 on mother's credit card...

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What is the world coming to? Lucy Harris, 26, jailed for nine months after lavish spending spree she stole £12,000 from grandmother and even tried to re-mortgage family home! she has been jailed for 9 months.

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I am horrified at the harsh

I am horrified at the harsh and brutal punishments inflicted on petty criminals in our modern Britain. 9 months for stealing £12,000 from her old Granny and then trying to morgage the house !

Disgusting penalty, I would expect the European Court to smack the UK hard on the wrist, threaten expulsion from the EU and squash her sentence, plus of course generous compensation.

Then we have the audacity to try and intervene in China`s internal affairs by making official complaints through the Foreign Office about THEIR much more lenient attitude to punishment and Civil Rights !

Oh for those days of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I when scum like this would be subjected to the Ducking Stool, be tarred and feathered, put in the village stocks or if the Judge was having a really bad day - burnt at the stake or hung, drawn and quartered.

Happy days eh ? But people thought carefully before committing a crime under `Enery or Lizzie and it sure saved a lot of money in Fat Cat Lawyer`s  fee`s or keeping them in luxury in some lavish penal rest home, all at the taxpayers expense. I guess all the Legal Eagles of those days had a donkey instead of a top of the range Mercedes and growing rich on the bottomless golden egg pit of ultra-generous Legal Aid.


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She will be out in 6 months

She will be out in 6 months no doubt.

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harsh punishment for Lucy Harris

I think its harsh punishment for Lucy Harris . Nowadays I heard many cases of teenager of stealing their parents money .  When i was asked my parent for money usually i buy assignments tution help , only for that reason i need money.

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" Student blew £19,000 on

" Student blew £19,000 on mother's credit card... "


What? £19,000 is a big amount. How could she do that to her mom?Credit card should be really protected. Many have been vistim by this easy swiping system. Anyways, anybody who has or is going to open a credit card account sometime in the future may get provided payment protection. On the face, it seems like a good option, but in reality, it's a shell game that's very dangerous for one's wallet. It could cost you a cash assistance to pay for the protection plan.

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It's almost time for holiday

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