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TaylorMade 2009 Burner Irons fascinate golfer

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However, even good players might be willing to give up the ability to fade or slice a shot intentionally if the club is so easy to hit that it produces an extremely high level of consistency. The TaylorMade 2009 Burner Irons may be such a club. A skilled player, however, can work almost any club. Hooks are no problem with perimeter-weighted, cavity-back clubheads; fades and slices are a little more difficult. All in all, TaylorMade 2009 Burner Irons look good at address, and each club is individually configured to get you the best combination of workability and forgiveness.

The 2009 Burner Iron Set gives longer, more consistent distance off every short, middle or long iron. The 2009 Burner Iron Set combines long and forgiving long irons, long and accurate mid irons, and responsive and accurate short irons. Taylor Made 2009 Burner Irons feature Inverted Cone Technology which provides an extra-large sweet spot for additional forgiveness and distance consistency on off-center hits. The multi-material cavity badge dampens vibration from impact for an excellent feel. The 2009 Burner Irons also features a multi-functional sole that creates a low CG, reduces turf-drag and promotes exceptional playability.