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Tropical Fish

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Hi everyone - this is the first topic in this forum 8O

Just bought myself my first aquarium for tropical fish, and I know a lot of you have all kinds of animals - so maybe can give me some helpful hints!!! I've got a very good success rate with coldwater, but I'm really keen to try tropical ones.

I've got a 40L tank (quite small I know, but I'm going to go for the tiny fishies), it supposedly comes with a filter and pump, but there's only one contraption - are they the same thing?? I've only ever had a pump before. It came with a heater too. I've got something to dechlorinate the water and something to boost the bacteria in the filter, and a thermometer - am I missing anything specific to tropical fish??

I'm going to buy a few tiny fish in a few days time, and build up from there, so if anyone can recommend a nice hardy species, that'd be fab Also if anyone knows of any good websites that will help, I'd love to hear about them.


Clare :lol: