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TV programme searching for exotic/unusual pet owners

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Hi All,

Blink Films are searching for people who want to take photos of their pets to take part in an exciting new photography series for channel Five called 'How to Take Stunning Photos'. We are primarily looking for Dog and Exotic/unusual pet owners. Our world renowned photographers (martin Parr, Charlie Waite, Bob Martin and many more) will share their knowledge and help you take better photos to impress your friends and family with. Each programme will tackle a different type of photography, for example, capturing family portraits, landscapes, quirky holiday snaps or portraits. All using YOUR camera! Achieve stunning results whether you have a simple digital point-and-shoot, a full SLR, Lomo or trusty old 35mm.

Whether you’re just getting to grips with photography or have a good understanding of the basic techniques you will learn how to achieve the wow factor with expert guidance and a variety of technical, practical and insightful tips. You simply need your own camera, a passion to learn and a desire to experiment! You will need examples of photos your dissapointed with as this will be the starting point for improvement!

If you’d like to unleash your photo taking potential and live in London or the surrounding area please contact us to find out more by sending an email to Sam.

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To be considered for this opportunity you will need to be able to dedicate 3 – 4 days of your time. This is likely to be during the working week and between the 28th June and 30th July (exact dates TBC)