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two horsefield tortoises for sale

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Hi, my name is James and I have two horsefield tortoises for sale, basically the reason I'm selling them is because I simply don't have the time to give them the attention they need. They aren't hard to look after, its just the small things, like being there to turn there heat lamp on and off, feeding them, letting them roam about the garden. While I am able to do it now it may become more harder for me to do this later on. I live in Bury (northwest area of England) and I am selling them both for £200 (or the best offer)

They are two male horsefield tortoises apporx. 5 years old. They are both healthy, happy and friendly. They come with a vivarium/ tank home , a heat lamp and mat. They also have a feeding bowl and water bowl, and two wood bark hiding spots.

If you are interested then e-mail me at or just post something up here and I'll be happy to answer any questions.