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Uploading of Pictures for Account

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I cannot upload a picture for both my personal picture or my Avatar.

The only facility for a picture gives the size 200 x 200 pixels. If I upload less than this it fails. If I upload this size or larger, the picture is cut off. Absolutely no use for an Avatar, the picture is hacked off.

The rules dictate a square of 200 x 200 at least, the frame you provide is not a square - it is a rectangle, presumably 200 wide x less in height. Therefore the top of the picture is hacked off on this frame and a square frame is not big enough.

Usually we have :-
1. A size for a personal picture.
2. A smaller size for an Avatar.

I cannot see an Avatar size mentioned.

Either way it is no use like this, so I have had to become Mr.A.N.Other until it gets sorted out. I deleted my old Avatar and was going to replace it, but cannot because of these conflicts.




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How annoying. Look forward to

How annoying. Look forward to seeing your new avatar when admin fixes it.

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umm that is strange as it

umm that is strange as it should automatically resize the image for you, can you upload the image and I will test it out.



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