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Welcome back everyone

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to Petchat :)

As most of you will know, we had a very unfortunate incident with the hardrive of the main server for the site, which lost the data for the site. Not only did it affect the original hardrive, it also affected the back up as well. It is now being investigated by professionals, and we are hoping that we will be able to retrieve some of the original data, if not all of it.

Of course there is a chance we will not be able to retrieve it, which is why we have set the site up again. If we do recover the original site, we can of course transfer it all to the new one - this one!

We would like to thank everyone for being so patient, and most of all so supportive in the recent events of the site.

We intend to work hard on building it back up to what it was before, and will hopefully get all our members back online, we were fast approaching 500 before so we have a long way to go again!

We are positive that Petchat will be the same if not better than before, in time to come.

As you will notice, the forums are empty all accept the posts we have recovered from google and are slowly entering back in. We need your help to build up the forums again, so please do post as many topics as you can to get the ball rolling again. Of course, it is early days yet, so not everything is going to work immediately. If there is something you have noticed that needs looking into, please send either myself petchatadmin petguru or sambo a PM.

If you were a member previously, then you will still need to re-register with Petchat. If you could use your usual username when you create your log in, this would be a big help as everyone will know who they are talking to. Any newbies - please don't let it put you off joining, we will soon be up to our usual standard.

It's great to be back - have fun!

All the best