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What breed are my Guinea Pigs?

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Hello there! I've been searching on the net for quite a while trying to find out which breed of guinea pig each of my piggies are, but I just can't seem to place them in any certain breed. Can someone or some people please have a look at the photos of them, and help me determine what breed they are? They all came home at different times and are not related. Thank you in advance! xx





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I may be wrong, and feel free

I may be wrong, and feel free to correct me, as I am no expert.
From the looks of it, Moo is an abyssinian guinea pig. You see on her coat, (the one I noticed was on her rump) she has little rosettes.
I'm not sure about Cookie. From your description she too sounds like an abyssinian but this was not noticable in the image.
Hammond looks like a smooth haired, just regular. This is because shes 2, as it stated in the caption, and her hair is smooth and silky.
Wow, Roxanne certainly is unusual...I don't think I've seen a guinea pig quite like her!

So sorry I couldnt be more help...

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This may help:

This may help: http://www.guineapighub.com/guinea-pig-breeds.html

Moo, Cookie and Roxanne all look like abyssinian mixed with another breed. The third one looks like an american/silkie mix. Just my opinion.