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What pets do you have

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What pets do we all have ???
I have 2 staffys tia and khloe khloe is from a rescue in sheffield
2 cats merlin and rosie both females and cute
7 ferrets jack, jill, smudger, jed, oliver, suzi, coco, beano, maddie, and storm, chirp. jeff and mutt. Some of them are rescues that came in and we kept, we have others in rescue at the min as well that are needing homes. I also have a bearded dragon i just got he is 9 wks old and growing fast his name is drago

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4 dogs- a rottie called Lady,

4 dogs- a rottie called Lady, a greyhound x whippet called Ziggy, a japenese spitz called Roxie and a jack russel x dachsund called Jack.

4 cats- dusty, misty, simba and tigger

a bird (a green parrot) called lucky

a tank of fish

snake called Artemis

bearded dragon called Phoenix

dutch rabbit called aphrodite

4 guinea pigs- nugget, nibbles, bubble and squeak

a pond of fish

3 chickens- Star, Speckle, and ??? i cant remember lol

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1 cat, looking forward to get one beagle. Like thos dogs.