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what tank ?

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Oh & I have decided to get some fish, but are clueless where to start :lol:

We dont want anything to massive - tropical fish... any advice ?

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Acrylic Aquarium or Glass Aquarium

Plexiglas acrylic aquariums have several advantages compared to glass aquariums. Among them are:

- They are more resistant than glass, even if they do not seem so at the first glance.

- Because of the way their walls are glued together, they are less likely to leak.

- Acrylic aquariums are more flexible, making them more resistant to earthquakes and the more and more ingenious children’s attempts to get the fish’s attention.

- Scratches can be treated to be completely eliminated or at least to reduce them.

- Acrylic aquariums can be created in various forms, with various compartments, and can have round corners. They are easier to use to create aquariums with open space at the bottom, which becomes more interesting and challenging for aquarists.

- Plexiglas acrylic aquariums are better insulated, resulting in less power consumption to maintain proper temperature inside the aquarium.

- Warranties are available for longer periods than for glass aquariums.

- Fish can be seen with better clarity.


Advantages of glass aquariums, as opposed to acrylic aquariums:

- They are usually cheaper.

- If they were made well and the silicone was applied properly so no air bubbles can escape, glass aquariums can be as resistant as the acrylic ones.

- It is harder to scratch a glass aquarium than an acrylic one, especially when you have to clean the inside of algae.

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Great informative post. 

Great informative post.