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Why are there so many breeds of dogs?

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Dogs are one of the most diverse pets on the planet. They are big dogs and small dogs, large mountain dogs, little dogs like Chihuahua, and some have very short legs. They are different because of humans. People bred them for different purposes to obtain different size dog for about anything. No matter the size, all breeds belong to the same species (Canis lupus familiaris) and their skeleton is similar, having 380 bones not including the tail. The large number of dog breeds reflects the numerous human cultures available on the planet. At the moment, there are about 340 breeds recognized by the World Canine Organization. The standards for breed recognition vary from country to country.


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Designer Dogs

I just watched this program about designer dogs on Animal Planet. They were talking the labradoodle (funny name cheeky). Boy these dogs can be cute! Does anyone have such doggies?

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I really love dogs they are

I really love dogs they are truly a mans best friend. My dog love riding my car with me I always bring him were ever I go.But before that I always check the brakes of my car so that it will be safe.