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Why do pet owners declaw their cats?

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I 'm really interested to know from all cat lovers why do people declaw their cats?  According to me the reason for the declawing in recent years has been the concern of pet owners for their furnishings. Valuable chair fabrics, curtains, cushions, and other materials are often found scratched, torn, and tattered. So, they see it as an easy "fix" so they don't need to train their cats to use a scratching post.


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No declawing!

I would agree that declawing your cat is for the purpose of your own comfort. I find it to be a bad habit. We should always consider what would happen to our kitty if she would be in a situation to depend on using her claws and she would not have them. Like for example, if the cat falls out the window by mistake, and she has no claws, would this be helpful to her? I thought people do it because they do not want to be scratched by their cat. I never considered the furniture issue. Well, I have never done it and I would not even consider doing it. I am happy my kitty has her claws and I take responsibility for my furniture. Like you said, if we train the cat to use a scratching post this issue would not even exist. 

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I do not declaw mine either.

I do not declaw mine either. I would be afraid to do it.

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What an interesting post, I

What an interesting post, I think it is really horried to declaw them as it is just not natural.

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Agree with xmasdogs, its a

Agree with xmasdogs, its a horrible thing to do, why have a cat if you're going to do that?!!! Would you do the same to a dog? I don't think so!

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The cats declaw for there

The cats declaw for there exercise and scratch by little human, to stretch the muscle of there back and, other deprived defense security equipment for there cat pet's to know if there cats of doing well if there not at home.

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It's always nice to declaw

It's always nice to declaw your cat so that he/she can't hurt or scratch anything and aside from that It's nice to see that a cat is declaw. You can use toner compatible or just simple use toner impresora for your printer.