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Would I be able to rescue a rat or several?

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We had 2 pet doe rats, 16 months old, Billy and Monty.

Last week Billy died -- I don't know why. She was shut alone for a few minutes in a room where she and her sister have run around alone for the past year without any problems (other than some carpet and wallpaper damage). We found Billy bleeding with every exhaled breath; somehow she had an internal hemorage -- did she fall? Did she have a burst blood vessel? I can't explain it. Her sis was locked in the cage at the time. Billy died very quickly, with me holding her.

So we now have a single doe (Monty) who is only about 17 months old.
I'm afraid Monty will get lonely.

I would like to get a rescue rat to keep Monty company. I can meet most of the other conditions the rescue groups want to impose, but not the thing about children having no unsupervised contact, and I can't explain Billy's death, either. I think my 8yo son is trustworthy to pick the rats up and give them cuddles without me hovering over him. It's just impractical and makes having a family pet pointless.

Is buying pet babies from a breeder/pet shop my only option to get Monty a new companion? Or would a rescue group be more flexible than I think they are?

Also, Would Monty accept new adult female rat companions?