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Yorkie teeth

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I have a 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy. He has very small bottom front teeth and I noticed today that they have fallen out (about 4 in total). I have been playing lots of games of tug with him (he really seems to like it and the rougher the better) with a dog tugger. I am worried that these games have caused him to lose his teeth. Should I continue these games with him as I don't want him to lose anymore teeth?

Someone told me recently that Yorkies suffer with bad teeth and they can decay and fall out - do you think his teeth have decayed this quickly? I have been very careful about his diet, but am worried I've done something wrong,

As you can tell I am new to all this - never had a dog before. Can anyone help me? Many thanks.

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Welcome to petchat good to

Welcome to petchat good to have more people on here.