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Neutering or Spaying Your Dog

Mon, 01/11/2010 - 10:40am

Good Reasons for Neutering or Spaying Your Dog:

Cancer: Spaying and neutering greatly reduce the risk that your dog will develop breast or testicular cancer.

Behavioral Problems: A male dog can smell a female in heat up to five miles away. Un-neutered males are much more likely to urinate in the house to mark territory, to display humping behavior, to fight with other male dogs, and to run away from home. Un-spayed females may go through a false pregnancy during which they may select objects from around the house to be their "puppies". They will then guard these objects by growling. Once these behaviors in both the male and female become learned, it is very difficult to stop them.
Not enough homes for them all : Unless you plan to put the time, research, energy, and money into becoming a responsible breeder, spaying or neutering is a must. There are simply too many puppies and kittens for which there are no homes that have to be euthanized every day. There are also far too many diseases running rampant in the purebred populations to set up un-researched, untested matings. Would YOU be willing to take back a diseased puppy? How about eight diseased puppies?

Just one litter: If you are tempted to let your dog "have just one litter of puppies so that the children can experience it", please pay a visit to the local animal shelter; not only do they have plenty of animals, but it is a great place to bring children to teach them about responsible pet ownership. If you do not spay or neuter your dog and it ever runs free, you have just made yourself personally responsible for the pet overpopulation problem.

Did you know?

Two dogs left on an island that were able to re-populate successfully would produce 67,000 over the course of only six years! Two cats could produce 420,000 cats!