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How to help your pets cope with the Heat

Wed, 27/10/2010 - 10:33am

Cats generally seem to to have more sense than dogs when it comes to keeping cool, however its worth remembering that they may need extra water left down and if you feed wet food, then all bowls should be washed immediately to discourage flies and bacteria breeding, the same goes for dog food too.

Dogs will need more care, as most of them have very little common sense and will happily lay out in the full sun!!

Please remember that any pets that have white noses and ears should have sunblock applied to these areas, pets can get burnt too, and sadly this can lead to awful injuries.

Avoid walks in the extreme heat, particularly between 11am and 2pm, when the sun is at its most powerful, also pavements retain heat until very late in the day, shorter grass walks maybe a better idea. Pads can become burnt on hot concrete.

If you dash home at lunchtime to let the dog out, then do just that, once it he/she has done her business get them back into the cool.

Make the sunny side of your house as cool as possible by drawing curtains or shutting blinds.

During the Summer your dogs are less active than in cooler weather, its a good idea to feed slightly less and keep an eye on your dogs weight.

Dogs will naturally drink more in hot weather, make sure you have a bucket or washing up bowl of water outside in the shade and I find using 2 containers inside helps too.

When going out, don't forget to take water and a bowl with you, if you train outside then you should have a shallow bowl and water to immerse your dogs feet in (best way to reduce the temp) after training.

If you are attending shows, its worth bringing your own shade, such as a gazebo or large umbrella.

Finally, and the most important thing to remember is, NEVER leave your dog in a parked car, even for a minute. Its the same as being in a greenhouse but with worse ventilation.

If you take your dog out you need to know your destination is dog friendly. Your dog will be far more comfortable at home otherwise.


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